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Delivery the Future of Injection - Today

Anodyne Devices A-Jet M & MX Series

  • Anodyne NFJI Low Pressure Devices- Safer: No More Needles

  • No More Sharp Waste or Needle Injuries & Infection

  • Eliminate Needle Liabilities & Tissue Damage

  • Only NFJI with ID, SQ, and IM Dosing Just at Touch of a Dial

  • Ease of Use with Variable Dosing

    • Format Series: Single Shot:  0.01 ml up to 1.0 mL

    • Multiple Doses Series: 0.01 mL for Total of 1.0 mL


New Safer Injection Paradigm Making a Difference

One "Pain-free" Injection at a Time

Potential Applications

  • Vaccination

  • Biosimilars

  • Chronic Pain  

  • Pain:  Pre & Post Surgery

  • Nutraceuticals, Peptides, and Hormones

  • PRP and Stem Cells

  • Cosmetic Medical

  • Dermatological Injections

  • Hair Growth PRP Injections

  • Podiatry

  • Weight Loss Injections

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