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Anodyne Devices: 

Why Switch to Needle-free? 

                   The Real Question is Why Not!

ANODYNE Medical _ Veterinary _ Cosmetic Cart.png

A-Jet Series M:  Single Shot with
           Unique Disposable Cartridge Design

A-Jet Medical Series.png

A-Jet Series MX:  Multidose Disposable Tip
               Stainless Steel Barrel (Autoclavable) 

A-JET_CMX image.png

Gas Driven Needle-free (NFJI) Low Pressure Devices


Needle-free, "Pain-less", "Pain-free", "Stress-free" 

NFJI Device with Modes (ID, SQ, & IM) in Same Device

Ease of Use with Variable and Multiple Dosing


Volume Device Options:   0.01 to 1.0 mL/ injection


Safer: No More Needles or Needle Injuries


No More Sharp Waste


Eliminate Needle Liabilities & Tissue Damage

Potential to Almost Replace All Needle-Syringe Injections

in a Clinical Setting


Vaccination    Biosimilars
Chronic Pain     Migraine

Nutraceuticals    Peptides
Hormones    PRP     Stem Cells
Dermatological Injections
Hair Growth PRP Injections
Podiatry & Orthopedic Injections 
Wellness & Weight Loss Injections
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